Drawing upon more than 35 years of practical Business experience as a platform for decisive and strategic management and planning, the Firm boasts a wide variety of clientele from diverse Industries and Sectors. Our broad industry knowledge and experience allows us to offer our clients a unique advantage in the marketplace by providing them with current and crucial Business advice coupled with the relevant Financial and Business management to suit their needs and industry.

Our Clientele range from fully employed individuals to large companies. We believe in a client-centred approach to doing business and through this we are able to address our clients’ needs more efficiently and effectively no matter how small or large the project may be. We have a wealth of contacts in various industries, which allow us to draw upon a diverse pool of expertise while we pursue total client satisfaction. This advantage allows us to go beyond our own speciality and add further value to our clients’ objectives.
At Jeff & Associates it is imperative to our business to ensure that a value system is followed throughout our business process. We employ project management methodology balanced by attention to detail and priority in everything we do.