Every new business has a number of statutory formalities to be taken into consideration and need to be reviewed at least once a year. Non-compliance to these statutory requirements would definitely have costly consequences but not everyone is aware of all ever changing legislation let alone the time to keep up with them. Through our company secretarial services offering we can ensure that you comply with all legislation requirements.

We take care of all the statutory details including directors, annual returns, and documents of constitution, changes to shareholdings and other membership interests. We assist registering for all certificates and licenses which may be necessary to legally carry on your business. We are also in the best position to advise you on the most appropriate vehicle through which to conduct business - be it a company, cc, partnership, pty/section21 as there are advantages and disadvantages to each of these depending on one’s operational needs and objectives.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

• Formation and registration of companies and
• Conversions of companies and corporations
• Maintenance of statutory records
• Amendments to and registration of statutory details
• General meetings facilitation and advisory
• Financial Management Reporting


Why should you do business with Jeff and Associates??

• Jeff & Associates offer the Products and Services on
   both Month-to-Month and Contractual options.
• We are open for business to Individuals and
• The minimum contract period offered is 6 months.
• All our Products and Services can be tailored to suit
  our clients’ diverse and unique needs.
• Standard Prices are available for the product list but
  these are not exclusive because we believe that every
  project differs in complexity and scope of work
  involved, therefore every client will be treated as a
  unique case.
  Where warranted, our costing can be calculated on a
  project-based system and client affordability is taken
  into account.

This unique benefit has gained us the respect and honour very few companies in our industry can attest to. We are available for both once-off jobs and contract work.

At Jeff & Associates it is imperative to our business to ensure that a value system is followed throughout our business process. We employ project management methodology balanced by attention to detail and priority in everything we do.